OUTPOST presents

Maximillian Brown

An Arduous Crux

Grand opening - closing soon

Friday, January 14

3PM - 7PM

Visual meditations 

In flux 

Being and becoming

In light

Gestural discourse

Dismantling hierarchies 

Tidal energy

Spatial relations

Peripheral experience

Exit and enter

Beginner’s mind

Maximillian Brown seeks to explore the complex psychological and emotional methods in which we engage with our physical environments and the relationship this has with the abstract immaterial frameworks that allow for us to place meaning and contextualize our surroundings. Exploring concepts surrounding ideas of societal structures, hierarchies, spatial relations, sublime experience, and their relationships with the disconnection from society and our emotional dissection of the spaces we inhabit. Existing within the physical, yet living in the metaphysical, a theoretical landscape that is fundamentally grounded in ideas and the exploration of these constructs. 

The works challenge the dramatic description of the existential boundary our constructs have. Laying bare, almost indifferent, such as a space outside of our societal constraints. Straying far from a dogmatic reasoning, the expansions focus on creating a space of exploration and introspection. Seeking to encourage the participants subconscious projections, escapist fantasies, and memories, to consider the relationship between the spaces we construct and those that we exist within. 

Subtle changes in light, tone and texture create a complex and nuanced plain to engage, encouraging the participant to spend time and explore the prospect. In contrast the reduced compositional choices mean that the paintings breathe in the space as the participant interacts with the work from different perspectives, a glance offers a nebulous void that only becomes clear as you begin to take closer inspection. Appearing as if in flux, a delta state somewhere in-between, yet an unclear direction or possibility. The vacant expansions could be the birthplace of something precious or the remnants of a past trauma or social construct collapse.


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