Deep, deep down

Far, far in

By Kinga Bartis

June 5 – June 26

An invitation 

Opening the door, there are paths leading to the paintings. These are notes on the ever-changing. 

Not to stop time, record or behold but note and then move on. 

Movement here is not linear or circular but proceeds inwards and outwards from the core. 

Gathering in solitude, focusing slowly.

Slow in order to listen, to reflect, to choose. 

Looking inside as a way to be present. 

We are the viewers and the subjects as well. 

Paint is weaved into the material instead of used to cover surfaces. 

Fluidity, magical colour and ambivalence in each of these pictures. Together they form a narrative on a changing path. 

Not a dream or a fantasy, but a suggestion of inner life. 

Grand opening - closing soon

Saturday June 5, 11AM - 3PM


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